Transportation from Orlando Airport to Port Canaveral

Transportation from Orlando Airport to Port Canaveral

     Welcome to Orlando's one stop shop for transportation between Orlando International Airport and Port Canaveral, Florida! If you're planning a cruise and are looking for the most reliable way to get there from Orlando Airport, search no further! We are the most trusted and experienced providing private transfers to Port Canaveral hotels, cruise terminals for Royal Caribbean, Disney Cruises and Carnival. Call 407-470-6008 now to inquire about the cost for family transportation to Port Canaveral, Cape Canaveral and Cocoa Beach! 

When folks are flying into the Orlando International Airport on the day of their cruise families can get transportation to Port Canaveral, and back to the airport afterwards for a little as $40 per person in private, luxury vehicles. There’s no need to wonder who you can trust because luckily you've discovered the most trusted transportation service in all of Orlando, Florida!

Cruise Lines at Port Canaveral

Shuttles from Orlando to Port Canaveral for a Cruise!

We offer private Sedans, Stretch Limousines, SUV Limos, Escalade SUVs & Luxury Passenger Vans. We offer transfers from all airlines & car rental company desks inside The Orlando International Airport to all cruise terminals at Port Canaveral. We track your flight, meet you at your baggage claim and deliver you seamlessly from Orlando Airport to your cruise or Port Canaveral Hotels! We know that having reliable transportation is essential and prearranging with us guarantees you get to your destination on time. We offer affordable Transportation Rates for the type of vehicle necessary to accommodate the number of passengers you have in your party. You can decide what you require and use our easy Secure Reservations Online for transportation to your cruise!

Orlando Transportation to Cruise Terminals

Best Way to/from MCO Orlando Airport to Port Canaveral

     Cruise Lines contract with Mears. Your luggage is delivered directly to your cruise ship suite, stateroom or cabin. Disney Cruise Lines, Carnival & Royal Caribbean all charge $70.00 per passenger to ride in a shared ride motor-coach. This can be your most expensive option aside from all of the shuttles and transfer companies to choose from. If you book your cruise and flight through the cruise line you may have free transfers to/from the airport so call and find out! If you would like to save money, have a great experience, and be treated like the very important people that you all are, call us and book with confidence now!

Orlando Chauffeured Services Inc. 407-470-6008

If your family's safety is important to you, book with us. If you do not want to be standing around at any point waiting, wondering or worrying about where your driver or vehicle are, book with us. If you do not want to have to worry about how you are going to get there, whether your chauffeur will return for you, or how you will get back, book with us. We know everything there is to know about the pick-up and drop-off procedures at Port Canaveral as well as all area airports. We have the best fleet available to you with the cleanest, most professional drivers in all of Orlando. Our actions will leave you impressed, don't get fooled by the rest!

Port Orlando Canaveral Airport Transportation

Orlando Airport is less than 45 miles from Port Canaveral, Florida. Orlando International Airport is the arrival airport for the majority passengers going on cruises from the Port. The Orlando Airport shuttle services we provide are not only comfortable and affordable, we offer service from MCO to Port Canaveral for as low as $33.00 total round-trip for 10 in a private luxury van. We are currently offering $28 total each for 14 in an extra large, private van including a trailer! These rates are Total per passenger & include tip! No hidden charges!

Enjoy the best limo service from Orlando to Port Canaveral at a fraction of the cost of riding on a crowded shuttle bus to a Disney Cruise. Compare to any other shuttles from Orlando to Port Canaveral and you will find that we are very competitive and we will always be honest with you from the very beginning. If you check our reviews all over the internet you will see the truth! We have been providing reliable car service for happy limo clients for more than a decade! Please give us a call so we can offer you the most versatile options for your shuttles, cruise transfers, transportation to the hotels or the cruise terminals.

Cruise Transport

Safe, Reliable, Professional Transport from Airport to Port

Transportation Orlando Airport Port Canaveral is the most experienced transportation service who can take you from Orlando Airport to Port Canaveral Cruises & Hotels. We provide VIP Curb-Side Delivery in style where you board Disney Cruises, Royal Caribbean Cruises and Carnival Cruises. We also offer limousine, stretch SUV limo, luxury sedans, luxury passenger vans and more!

Every sailing day, our airport arrival services accommodates those arriving early before your ship embarks We are permitted by The Port Canaveral Authority, so of course, we also provide reliable return transportation from Port Canaveral. Our professional chauffeurs are the best. Our vehicles are the best. This allows us to deliver prompt, clean, safe, luxurious, comfortable service that is unmatched by any imitators in the industry. There is no competition.


Transportation services at Orlando International Airport and Port Canaveral Cruise Terminals

Below are just a few reasons to choose OCS:
  • We are reliable and professional.
  • We have clean, safe, comfortable vehicles.
  • We have experience transferring more than 350,000 passengers
  • We provide superior customer service.
  • Yes, we pick up at ALL hotels in Orlando, Cocoa Beach & Cape Canaveral!

Orlando Airport (MCO) to Port Canaveral Shuttle

Ground transportation from MCO (Orlando International Airport) to Port Canaveral cruise terminals will only take about 45 minutes, be certain you are dealing with a company that has both the authority to pickup at the airport and the port. This means that vehicles and drivers must be permitted by The City of Orlando, The Greater Orlando Aviation Authority. The vehicle must also display a current decal on the windshield to pick-up and drop off at the terminals. We have been providing transportation from Orlando Airport to Port Canaveral for more than 7 years and not only carry the proper licensing, we carry commercial insurance in excess of the required amounts determined by the Great State of Florida!

The best way to get to Port Canaveral, period.

The date you set to start your vacation can seem like it takes forever to arrive, the last things you will want to do when you finally get here are wait, wonder or worry. OCS is in business to take these three elements out of the equation. You will not have to wait for your driver or vehicle to arrive, you will not have to wonder what type of service you will receive, you will not have to worry about whether or not you will make it to your destination. We are the only true professionals offering the only safe, reliable, comfortable luxury transfers between Orlando and Cape Canaveral. Along the way to your cruise you will witness many ridiculously unsafe, disgusting rickety old buses and smelly taxis with drivers that are clearly not dressed professionally. This will confirm what you are already thinking right now, OCS is the company for you! Check our limo service!

We feel it is important to warn you of the dangers involved in making reservation with a great number of companies here locally. They have a reputation for ruining people's cruise vacations. You need to be sure that the management is handling your itinerary with care and attention to detail. You also need to feel 100% confident that your reserved vehicle and chauffeur are waiting for you when your cruise returns to the terminal on the day of your disembarkation. A large number of otherwise happy cruisers have found that at the end of their vacation, when they are ready to get on their way home, they cannot reach the transportation company that they have reserved transfers with. Nothing will aggravate you more. We have 100% guaranteed on-time service, and we are available for you 24 hrs a day. We will explain everything leaving you at ease and better equipped to enjoy your cruise knowing all the while that you have a smart, professional company making sure an immaculate luxury vehicle with an experienced, knowledgeable chauffeur is waiting for you with a smile when you return. Check us out! Give us a Call! 407-470-6008

MCO to Port Canaveral

Orlando Chauffeured Services is committed to excellence and superior quality in ground transportation. We provide private transfer service from the Orlando Airport as well as Port Canaveral Transportation service. OCS is the most reliable transportation company in Central Florida. We offer many different options and vehicles for seamless vacation transportation. There is no quicker or better way to travel to and from Port Canaveral. We offer the most competitive rates and provide the best service. Check out what our clients are saying about their experience of traveling to and from their cruises at Port Canaveral. We strive to provide the safest and most reliable transportation to families that are looking to get to Port Canaveral in style without sacrificing their budget. There are many different companies offering Cocoa Beach shuttle service, we stand alone in our commitment to quality. Orlando Chauffeured Services offers door to door and scheduled Orlando Airport shuttle service to many Florida's east coast cities including Port Canaveral.

Transportation private and direct to Cruise Ships

We offer seamless transfers to the following cruise ships at Port Canaveral:

OCS offers Orlando Airport transportation to Port Canaveral cruise terminals. We provide luxury town cars and luxury SUV ground transportation services both at Orlando International Airport and Port Canaveral. OCS has been providing professional chauffeur driven town cars, SUV, vans and limos for over 7 years. Look no further than Orlando Chauffeured Services for an exclusive clean, immaculate fleet and professional chauffeurs to transport any size party to the docks and all Cocoa Beach destinations.

Avoid public transportation or a taxi from Orlando Airport to Port Canaveral by hiring a limousine to drop you off curbside at the cruise terminal for your Carnival, Royal Caribbean or Disney Cruise. We provide a higher quality of service than all of the shuttles at Cape Canaveral. The word shuttle means to transport by vehicle from one location to another. The term shuttle does not imply shared-ride or scheduled intervals. We provide a Shuttle to Port Canaveral in the sense that our private, professional, luxury transportation is a private and reliable shuttle service. Our flat rates for a private vehicle and chauffeur are less than the price of a shuttle and always a whole lot better! Request a Free Quote for your MCO shuttle online.

"There is no better, more affordable way to get to your cruise!"

Orlando Chauffeured Services Inc. OCS Orlando
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Getting to your cruise is easy!  Return transfers to the airport are just as easy! (you can make a flight as early as 10:00am departure..)
We understand it can be a daunting task to find a company you feel like you can trust.
  • Be confident from beginning to end, we will be where we are supposed to be when we are supposed to be there.
  • Be confident we employ only professional, experienced, knowledgeable chauffeurs.
  • Be confident our fleet is rigorously maintained and inspected consistently to ensure optimum safety standards.
  • The rates for transfers we offer are competitive and the quality of service unmatched in our industry.
  • Our customer service representatives are here to answer your questions, make changes, or take your reservation 24 hours a day!

If you are still not convinced, call us! We have the answers to any questions about your specific itinerary, we have many options and can save you the hassle of trying to figure out the best way to get from airport, resort to attraction, to a cruise then back to the airport or anything else you can dream of to do here before or after a cruise from Port Canaveral. If you are originating somewhere other than the airport, we can save you money and time by picking you up in front of your hotel, resort or residence. Ask about our "Land, Sea & Air" packages that can save you a bunch over what taxis, limos, or shared ride shuttle services will charge. We have the skill to perform without mistakes consistently and this is what makes us your best bet for your vacation transfers.

Transportation to Cape Canaveral & Cocoa Beach Hotels

Many families arrive a day or two early and stay overnight at a hotel in the Cocoa Beach / Cape Canaveral areas. Even if your flight is scheduled to arrive late in the evening and there is a delay in your arrival, we will be waiting for you when you arrive to provide you an absolutely wonderful experience riding in a beautiful, newer, clean luxury vehicle. Our chauffeurs are the most experienced, friendly and professional in all of Orlando, Florida. Each of our drivers has safely transported 100,000+ passengers to board cruises or check into hotels in the Cape Canaveral area. We only wear professional attire and will not put you in any situation where you do not get what exactly what you've reserved. We are not here to play tricks with your vacation, we are here to deliver the highest quality of service, the service you deserve.

Ships at Port Canaveral, Florida in 2018
Ship Date
Norwegian Epic 1-10-2018
Carnival Liberty 1-11-2018
Disney Dream 1-12-2018
Majesty Of The Seas 1-12-2018
Carnival Magic 1-13-2018
Disney Fantasy 1-13-2018
Norwegian Epic 1-13-2018
Carnival Liberty 1-14-2018
Grandeur Of The Seas 1-14-2018
Oasis Of The Seas 1-14-2018
Disney Dream 1-15-2018
Majesty Of The Seas 1-15-2018
Carnival Liberty 1-18-2018
Disney Dream 1-19-2018
Majesty Of The Seas 1-19-2018
Carnival Magic 1-20-2018
Carnival Sunshine 1-20-2018
Disney Fantasy 1-20-2018
Norwegian Epic 1-20-2018
Carnival Liberty 1-21-2018
Norwegian Breakaway 1-21-2018
Oasis Of The Seas 1-21-2018
Anthem Of The Seas 1-22-2018
Disney Dream 1-22-2018
Majesty Of The Seas 1-24-2018
Carnival Liberty 1-25-2018
Disney Dream 1-26-2018
Carnival Magic 1-27-2018
Disney Fantasy 1-27-2018
Norwegian Epic 1-27-2018
Carnival Liberty 1-28-2018
Carnival Sunshine 1-28-2018
Oasis Of The Seas 1-28-2018
Disney Dream 1-29-2018
Carnival Liberty 2-1-2018
Carnival Sunshine 2-2-2018
Disney Dream 2-2-2018
Carnival Magic 2-3-2018
Disney Fantasy 2-3-2018
Norwegian Epic 2-3-2018
Carnival Liberty 2-4-2018
Grandeur Of The Seas 2-4-2018
Oasis Of The Seas 2-4-2018
Disney Dream 2-5-2018
Carnival Pride 2-7-2018
Carnival Liberty 2-8-2018
Disney Wonder 2-8-2018
Disney Dream 2-9-2018
Carnival Magic 2-10-2018
Carnival Sunshine 2-10-2018
Disney Fantasy 2-10-2018
Norwegian Epic 2-10-2018
Oriana 2-10-2018
Carnival Liberty 2-11-2018
Disney Wonder 2-11-2018
Oasis Of The Seas 2-11-2018
Oriana 2-11-2018
Anthem Of The Seas 2-12-2018
Disney Dream 2-12-2018
Carnival Liberty 2-15-2018
Disney Dream 2-16-2018
Carnival Magic 2-17-2018
Disney Fantasy 2-17-2018
Norwegian Epic 2-17-2018
Carnival Liberty 2-18-2018
Carnival Sunshine 2-18-2018
Disney Wonder 2-18-2018
Oasis Of The Seas 2-18-2018
Disney Dream 2-19-2018
Norwegian Breakaway 2-19-2018
Anthem Of The Seas 2-20-2018
Carnival Liberty 2-22-2018
Carnival Sunshine 2-23-2018
Disney Dream 2-23-2018
Carnival Magic 2-24-2018
Disney Fantasy 2-24-2018
Norwegian Epic 2-24-2018
Carnival Liberty 2-25-2018
Disney Wonder 2-25-2018
Grandeur Of The Seas 2-25-2018
Oasis Of The Seas 2-25-2018
Disney Dream 2-26-2018
Norwegian Breakaway 2-27-2018
Ventura 2-28-2018
Carnival Liberty 3-1-2018
Disney Dream 3-2-2018
Majesty Of The Seas 3-2-2018
Carnival Magic 3-3-2018
Carnival Sunshine 3-3-2018
Disney Fantasy 3-3-2018
Norwegian Epic 3-3-2018
Carnival Liberty 3-4-2018
Disney Wonder 3-4-2018
Oasis Of The Seas 3-4-2018
Disney Dream 3-5-2018
Majesty Of The Seas 3-5-2018
Norwegian Breakaway 3-6-2018
Norwegian Epic 3-7-2018
Carnival Liberty 3-8-2018
Disney Dream 3-9-2018
Majesty Of The Seas 3-9-2018
Carnival Magic 3-10-2018
Disney Fantasy 3-10-2018
Norwegian Epic 3-10-2018
Queen Victoria 3-10-2018
Carnival Liberty 3-11-2018
Carnival Sunshine 3-11-2018
Disney Wonder 3-11-2018
Oasis Of The Seas 3-11-2018
Anthem Of The Seas 3-12-2018
Disney Dream 3-12-2018
Majesty Of The Seas 3-12-2018
Norwegian Breakaway 3-13-2018
Norwegian Epic 3-14-2018
Carnival Liberty 3-15-2018
Disney Wonder 3-15-2018
Carnival Sunshine 3-16-2018
Disney Dream 3-16-2018
Majesty Of The Seas 3-16-2018
Adonia 3-17-2018
Carnival Magic 3-17-2018
Disney Fantasy 3-17-2018
Norwegian Epic 3-17-2018
Carnival Liberty 3-18-2018
Disney Wonder 3-18-2018
Grandeur Of The Seas 3-18-2018
Oasis Of The Seas 3-18-2018
Anthem Of The Seas 3-19-2018
Disney Dream 3-19-2018
Majesty Of The Seas 3-19-2018
Norwegian Breakaway 3-20-2018
Carnival Pride 3-21-2018
Carnival Liberty 3-22-2018
Disney Wonder 3-22-2018
Disney Dream 3-23-2018
Majesty Of The Seas 3-23-2018
Carnival Magic 3-24-2018
Carnival Sunshine 3-24-2018
Disney Fantasy 3-24-2018
Norwegian Epic 3-24-2018
Carnival Liberty 3-25-2018
Disney Wonder 3-25-2018
Oasis Of The Seas 3-25-2018
Anthem Of The Seas 3-26-2018
Disney Dream 3-26-2018
Majesty Of The Seas 3-26-2018
Norwegian Breakaway 3-27-2018
Carnival Liberty 3-29-2018
Disney Wonder 3-29-2018
Disney Dream 3-30-2018
Majesty Of The Seas 3-30-2018
Carnival Magic 3-31-2018
Disney Fantasy 3-31-2018
Norwegian Epic 3-31-2018
Carnival Liberty 4-1-2018
Carnival Sunshine 4-1-2018
Disney Wonder 4-1-2018
Oasis Of The Seas 4-1-2018
Anthem Of The Seas 4-2-2018
Disney Dream 4-2-2018
Majesty Of The Seas 4-2-2018
Norwegian Breakaway 4-3-2018
Carnival Liberty 4-5-2018
Disney Wonder 4-5-2018
Carnival Sunshine 4-6-2018
Disney Dream 4-6-2018
Majesty Of The Seas 4-6-2018
Carnival Magic 4-7-2018
Disney Fantasy 4-7-2018
Norwegian Epic 4-7-2018
Carnival Liberty 4-8-2018
Disney Wonder 4-8-2018
Grandeur Of The Seas 4-8-2018
Oasis Of The Seas 4-8-2018
Anthem Of The Seas 4-9-2018
Disney Dream 4-9-2018
Majesty Of The Seas 4-9-2018
Norwegian Gem 4-9-2018
Norwegian Breakaway 4-10-2018
Carnival Liberty 4-12-2018
Disney Dream 4-13-2018
Majesty Of The Seas 4-13-2018
Carnival Magic 4-14-2018
Carnival Sunshine 4-14-2018
Disney Fantasy 4-14-2018
Carnival Liberty 4-15-2018
Oasis Of The Seas 4-15-2018
Anthem Of The Seas 4-16-2018
Disney Dream 4-16-2018
Majesty Of The Seas 4-16-2018
Norwegian Gem 4-16-2018
Carnival Liberty 4-19-2018
Disney Dream 4-20-2018
Majesty Of The Seas 4-20-2018
Carnival Magic 4-21-2018
Disney Fantasy 4-21-2018
Carnival Liberty 4-22-2018
Carnival Sunshine 4-22-2018
Oasis Of The Seas 4-22-2018
Anthem Of The Seas 4-23-2018
Disney Dream 4-23-2018
Majesty Of The Seas 4-23-2018
Marina 4-23-2018
Norwegian Gem 4-23-2018
Sirena 4-24-2018
Carnival Liberty 4-26-2018
Carnival Sunshine 4-27-2018
Disney Dream 4-27-2018
Majesty Of The Seas 4-27-2018
Carnival Magic 4-28-2018
Disney Fantasy 4-28-2018
Carnival Liberty 4-29-2018
Grandeur Of The Seas 4-29-2018
Oasis Of The Seas 4-29-2018
Disney Dream 4-30-2018
Majesty Of The Seas 4-30-2018
Norwegian Gem 4-30-2018
Carnival Liberty 5-3-2018
Disney Dream 5-4-2018
Carnival Magic 5-5-2018
Carnival Sunshine 5-5-2018
Disney Fantasy 5-5-2018
Carnival Liberty 5-6-2018
Oasis Of The Seas 5-6-2018
Disney Dream 5-7-2018
Norwegian Gem 5-7-2018
Norwegian Sun 5-7-2018
Carnival Liberty 5-10-2018
Disney Dream 5-11-2018
Norwegian Sun 5-11-2018
Carnival Magic 5-12-2018
Disney Fantasy 5-12-2018
Adventure Of The Seas 5-13-2018
Carnival Liberty 5-13-2018
Carnival Sunshine 5-13-2018
Oasis Of The Seas 5-13-2018
Disney Dream 5-14-2018
Norwegian Gem 5-14-2018
Norwegian Sun 5-14-2018
Carnival Liberty 5-17-2018
Carnival Sunshine 5-18-2018
Disney Dream 5-18-2018
Norwegian Sun 5-18-2018
Carnival Magic 5-19-2018
Disney Fantasy 5-19-2018
Adventure Of The Seas 5-20-2018
Carnival Liberty 5-20-2018
Oasis Of The Seas 5-20-2018
Disney Dream 5-21-2018
Norwegian Gem 5-21-2018
Norwegian Sun 5-21-2018
Carnival Liberty 5-24-2018
Disney Dream 5-25-2018
Norwegian Sun 5-25-2018
Carnival Magic 5-26-2018
Carnival Sunshine 5-26-2018
Disney Fantasy 5-26-2018
Adventure Of The Seas 5-27-2018
Carnival Liberty 5-27-2018
Oasis Of The Seas 5-27-2018
Disney Dream 5-28-2018
Norwegian Gem 5-28-2018
Norwegian Sun 5-28-2018
Carnival Liberty 5-31-2018
Disney Dream 6-1-2018
Norwegian Sun 6-1-2018
Carnival Magic 6-2-2018
Disney Fantasy 6-2-2018
Carnival Liberty 6-3-2018
Carnival Sunshine 6-3-2018
Oasis Of The Seas 6-3-2018
Norwegian Sun 6-4-2018
Disney Dream 6-6-2018
Carnival Liberty 6-7-2018
Carnival Sunshine 6-8-2018
Norwegian Sun 6-8-2018
Carnival Magic 6-9-2018
Disney Fantasy 6-9-2018
Adventure Of The Seas 6-10-2018
Carnival Liberty 6-10-2018
Disney Dream 6-10-2018
Oasis Of The Seas 6-10-2018
Norwegian Gem 6-11-2018
Norwegian Sun 6-11-2018
Carnival Liberty 6-14-2018
Disney Dream 6-15-2018
Norwegian Sun 6-15-2018
Carnival Magic 6-16-2018
Carnival Sunshine 6-16-2018
Disney Fantasy 6-16-2018
Adventure Of The Seas 6-17-2018
Carnival Liberty 6-17-2018
Oasis Of The Seas 6-17-2018
Norwegian Sun 6-18-2018
Disney Dream 6-20-2018
Carnival Liberty 6-21-2018
Enchantment Of The Seas 6-22-2018
Norwegian Sun 6-22-2018
Carnival Magic 6-23-2018
Disney Fantasy 6-23-2018
Adventure Of The Seas 6-24-2018
Carnival Liberty 6-24-2018
Carnival Sunshine 6-24-2018
Disney Dream 6-24-2018
Oasis Of The Seas 6-24-2018
Enchantment Of The Seas 6-25-2018
Norwegian Sun 6-25-2018
Carnival Liberty 6-28-2018
Carnival Sunshine 6-29-2018
Disney Dream 6-29-2018
Enchantment Of The Seas 6-29-2018
Norwegian Sun 6-29-2018
Carnival Magic 6-30-2018
Disney Fantasy 6-30-2018
Carnival Liberty 7-1-2018
Oasis Of The Seas 7-1-2018
Enchantment Of The Seas 7-2-2018
Norwegian Gem 7-2-2018
Norwegian Sun 7-2-2018
Disney Dream 7-4-2018
Carnival Liberty 7-5-2018
Enchantment Of The Seas 7-6-2018
Norwegian Sun 7-6-2018
Carnival Magic 7-7-2018
Carnival Sunshine 7-7-2018
Adventure Of The Seas 7-8-2018
Carnival Liberty 7-8-2018
Disney Dream 7-8-2018
Oasis Of The Seas 7-8-2018
Enchantment Of The Seas 7-9-2018
Norwegian Gem 7-9-2018
Norwegian Sun 7-9-2018
Disney Fantasy 7-11-2018
Carnival Liberty 7-12-2018
Disney Dream 7-13-2018
Enchantment Of The Seas 7-13-2018
Norwegian Sun 7-13-2018
Carnival Magic 7-14-2018
Disney Fantasy 7-14-2018
Adventure Of The Seas 7-15-2018
Carnival Liberty 7-15-2018
Carnival Sunshine 7-15-2018
Oasis Of The Seas 7-15-2018
Disney Dream 7-16-2018
Enchantment Of The Seas 7-16-2018
Norwegian Gem 7-16-2018
Norwegian Sun 7-16-2018
Carnival Liberty 7-19-2018
Carnival Sunshine 7-20-2018
Disney Dream 7-20-2018
Enchantment Of The Seas 7-20-2018
Norwegian Sun 7-20-2018
Carnival Magic 7-21-2018
Disney Fantasy 7-21-2018
Adventure Of The Seas 7-22-2018
Carnival Liberty 7-22-2018
Oasis Of The Seas 7-22-2018
Disney Dream 7-23-2018
Enchantment Of The Seas 7-23-2018
Norwegian Gem 7-23-2018
Norwegian Sun 7-23-2018
Carnival Liberty 7-26-2018
Disney Dream 7-27-2018
Enchantment Of The Seas 7-27-2018
Norwegian Sun 7-27-2018
Carnival Magic 7-28-2018
Carnival Sunshine 7-28-2018
Disney Fantasy 7-28-2018
Carnival Liberty 7-29-2018
Oasis Of The Seas 7-29-2018
Disney Dream 7-30-2018
Enchantment Of The Seas 7-30-2018
Norwegian Gem 7-30-2018
Norwegian Sun 7-30-2018
Carnival Liberty 8-2-2018
Disney Dream 8-3-2018
Enchantment Of The Seas 8-3-2018
Norwegian Sun 8-3-2018
Carnival Magic 8-4-2018
Disney Fantasy 8-4-2018
Adventure Of The Seas 8-5-2018
Carnival Liberty 8-5-2018
Carnival Sunshine 8-5-2018
Oasis Of The Seas 8-5-2018
Disney Dream 8-6-2018
Enchantment Of The Seas 8-6-2018
Norwegian Gem 8-6-2018
Norwegian Sun 8-6-2018
Carnival Liberty 8-9-2018
Carnival Sunshine 8-10-2018
Disney Dream 8-10-2018
Enchantment Of The Seas 8-10-2018
Norwegian Sun 8-10-2018
Carnival Magic 8-11-2018
Disney Fantasy 8-11-2018
Adventure Of The Seas 8-12-2018
Carnival Liberty 8-12-2018
Oasis Of The Seas 8-12-2018
Disney Dream 8-13-2018
Enchantment Of The Seas 8-13-2018
Norwegian Gem 8-13-2018
Norwegian Sun 8-13-2018
Carnival Liberty 8-16-2018
Disney Dream 8-17-2018
Enchantment Of The Seas 8-17-2018
Norwegian Sun 8-17-2018
Carnival Magic 8-18-2018
Carnival Sunshine 8-18-2018
Disney Fantasy 8-18-2018
Adventure Of The Seas 8-19-2018
Carnival Liberty 8-19-2018
Oasis Of The Seas 8-19-2018
Disney Dream 8-20-2018
Enchantment Of The Seas 8-20-2018
Norwegian Gem 8-20-2018
Norwegian Sun 8-20-2018
Carnival Liberty 8-23-2018
Disney Dream 8-24-2018
Enchantment Of The Seas 8-24-2018
Norwegian Sun 8-24-2018
Carnival Magic 8-25-2018
Disney Fantasy 8-25-2018
Carnival Liberty 8-26-2018
Carnival Sunshine 8-26-2018
Oasis Of The Seas 8-26-2018
Disney Dream 8-27-2018
Enchantment Of The Seas 8-27-2018
Norwegian Gem 8-27-2018
Norwegian Sun 8-27-2018
Carnival Liberty 8-30-2018
Carnival Sunshine 8-31-2018
Disney Dream 8-31-2018
Enchantment Of The Seas 8-31-2018
Norwegian Sun 8-31-2018
Carnival Magic 9-1-2018
Disney Fantasy 9-1-2018
Adventure Of The Seas 9-2-2018
Carnival Liberty 9-2-2018
Oasis Of The Seas 9-2-2018
Disney Dream 9-3-2018
Enchantment Of The Seas 9-3-2018
Norwegian Gem 9-3-2018
Norwegian Sun 9-3-2018
Carnival Liberty 9-6-2018
Disney Dream 9-7-2018
Enchantment Of The Seas 9-7-2018
Norwegian Sun 9-7-2018
Carnival Magic 9-8-2018
Carnival Sunshine 9-8-2018
Disney Fantasy 9-8-2018
Carnival Liberty 9-9-2018
Oasis Of The Seas 9-9-2018
Disney Dream 9-10-2018
Enchantment Of The Seas 9-10-2018
Norwegian Sun 9-10-2018
Carnival Liberty 9-13-2018
Disney Dream 9-14-2018
Enchantment Of The Seas 9-14-2018
Norwegian Sun 9-14-2018
Carnival Magic 9-15-2018
Disney Fantasy 9-15-2018
Carnival Liberty 9-16-2018
Carnival Sunshine 9-16-2018
Oasis Of The Seas 9-16-2018
Disney Dream 9-17-2018
Enchantment Of The Seas 9-17-2018
Norwegian Sun 9-17-2018
Carnival Liberty 9-20-2018
Carnival Sunshine 9-21-2018
Disney Dream 9-21-2018
Enchantment Of The Seas 9-21-2018
Norwegian Sun 9-21-2018
Carnival Magic 9-22-2018
Disney Fantasy 9-22-2018
Carnival Liberty 9-23-2018
Oasis Of The Seas 9-23-2018
Disney Dream 9-24-2018
Enchantment Of The Seas 9-24-2018
Norwegian Sun 9-24-2018
Carnival Liberty 9-27-2018
Disney Dream 9-28-2018
Enchantment Of The Seas 9-28-2018
Norwegian Sun 9-28-2018
Carnival Magic 9-29-2018
Carnival Sunshine 9-29-2018
Disney Fantasy 9-29-2018
Carnival Breeze 9-30-2018
Carnival Liberty 9-30-2018
Oasis Of The Seas 9-30-2018
Port Canaveral Transportation


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Orlando Airport

Transfers from Orlando Airport to Port Canaveral

Port Canaveral

Transfers to Cruise Terminals at Port Canaveral

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