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Port Canaveral Transportation!

Port Canaveral Transportation

Orlando's finest luxury Orlando Airport and Port Canaveral transportation service! Also the best limousine service from MCO (Orlando International Airport) and SFB (Sanford International Airport) to Port Canaveral. There is a huge list of companies the serve Port Canaveral, the only ones authorized can be verified and found on:

Our specialty is consistently providing safe, reliable transport from air to sea, hotels, resorts, theme parks and attractions! We have been trusted by more than 100,000 passengers from Orlando International Airport to Port Canaveral. Transportation to and from Port Canaveral from Orlando and surrounding areas can be reserved securely online. Choose from our fleet of Sedans, SUV's, Luxury Vans, Limousines, Minibuses and Motor Coaches. When you want the most affordable and comfortable Orlando Airport shuttle service to and from MCO, Disney, I-Drive, Universal, Sea World, Kissimmee, or anywhere else you can think of, search no more! Call 407-470-6008 now and get your transportation booked today! Never reserve with anyone who makes you wonder if you can trust them! Call and let us answer all of your questions! We are known from our friendly, easiness and we are always professional 100% of the time.

If you are in need of transportation from Orlando Airport to Port Canaveral, then you have found the best, most professional company in all of Orlando! Our luxury transfers are provided at a flat rate for the type of vehicle required to safely and comfortably transfer the number of passengers in your party. There are many companies claiming to provide these same services, be aware that they must be permitted by the Port Authority to operate on the property, legitimately. This means all companies must have current Port Canaveral permits to drop you off there, or pick you up. The same applies at Orlando Airport. Safety inspections, commercial insurance, luxury vehicles, experienced chauffeurs - Our Port Canaveral transportation services are simply the best! We challenge ANY competitor to prove a claim to provide equal quality or more professional transportation between Orlando and Port Canaveral at rates comparable to ours. Either our competitors are way over-priced and you'll get a chauffeur with little or no experience picking up or dropping off at cruise terminals, or you can opt to go the cheapest route and get stuck in an over-crowded shuttle bus with strangers inhaling exhaust fumes while they load you all in together like sardines. Book with us and enjoy our great rates and world class service, or book with another company making false claims and spend a whole lot more and get a whole lot less. We do not recommend you seek out the cheapest shuttle service as this would be taking chances with your lives. We are not in this business to be the biggest and make the most money, we are in it to be the best and take the greatest care with you and your most precious family. We care about what you think of what you get and we always deliver what we promise. We are Better Business Accredited and have had 0 complaints since day one.

Providing superior ground transportation services to cruise terminals is our primary business. We also provide luxury, private transfers to all Cocoa Beach Area hotels at the same rates. When deciding which company to choose for your vacation you must ask, is this company reliable?, do they have experience?, are their vehicles safe?, are their drivers professional? We have standards the other companies providing transportation from Orlando to Port Canaveral simply don't have. Our service is reliable and safe, and our chauffeurs are professional and experienced. You can count on your driver meeting you at your scheduled pickup times without issues. We offer excellence at a flat rate for the vehicle, not the passenger so you can count on getting the best service for your money 100% of the time! We can provide you luxurious, clean transportation to and from Port Canaveral for less than the cost of a taxi from Orlando to Port Canaveral. Let us provide your transfers from Orlando to Port Canaveral, you'll be extremely happy! (every client we transport is!)

We understand the importance of a punctuality. Early pick ups from Port Canaveral require a chauffeur to perform efficiently so you can make an early departing flight from Orlando International Airport. We will have your chauffeur waiting for you as you disembark. We do not suggest booking your flight back home earlier than 9:30am as there is a 45 minute ride from Port Canaveral to Orlando Airport. We will accommodate any pick up time that you request. We ask that upon your ships returns to the port you call us and re-confirm your expected disembarkation time. This will often change depending on the time of your departure or whether or not you are return to a different destination such as Disney or Universal Studios. We charge only a small additional fee for destinations other than the airport or airport area hotels when returning from the port. Ask about our "Air Seas Land Air" and or "Air Land Seas Air" packages that save you over any other mode of transportation possible aside from shared ride shuttle buses that might make twenty unrequested stops. We can also offer you a discounted return from your Disney area hotel to the airport as it is common for vacationers to spend time in the parks immediately before or after a cruise. When selecting your Port Canaveral Transportation service be sure your provider is reliable. Our chauffeurs are often at Port Canaveral awaiting their clients arrival before the cruise ship returns at 5-6am. When choosing a transportation service from Port Canaveral cruises that require an early pick up OCS is the only company you can truly rely on.

With our services you get to leave the driving to our professional chauffeurs because from any origin we can drive you right to the appropriate terminal (or hotel) without any hassles. We make it seamless both when you arrive and when you depart. Your transition will occur as quickly as you would like as we operate at the pace you indicate is comfortable for your party. We will rush if you want us to, we will exercise patience when you express it is necessary, and you won't have to drag your bags all the way from the terminal to a remote parking location. We use a commercial lanes and have a designated loading and unloading area making it very convenient to be picked up or dropped off. We know better than anyone how to get in and our of the loading area so you are not standing around waiting, wondering or worrying at all, ever.


Luxury Sedan, Passenger Vans, and Escalade SUV

What to expect at Orlando Airport

We pick up passengers from baggage claim areas at the airport. It is critical that we have the correct flight information so we can monitor your ETA in real time and we are alerted immediately to the fact that your flight has landed. Once your flight is on the ground and is taxiing to your gate, we will move your vehicle in from the staging area into the commercial ground transportation lanes inside the airport. It takes approximately 20 minutes to get from your plane to the main terminals, you will proceed from level 3 to level 2 where the baggage carousels are located for all airlines. Note that at Orlando International Airport there are 2 main terminals, A & B. There is abundant signs directing you to either terminal and the crowd from your plane should all be headed in the right direction. It can be confusing but what should get you there without any problems is the knowledge that when you arrive to the main building of the airport, your are on the third level. Often, people will arrive on level three and assume when they make their way down to level 2 - arrivals / baggage claim and they see cars driving by outside, that they are on the ground level. This is not the case, the order is simple. Level 3 is for departures, level 2 is arrivals, level one is ground transportation, rental cars and parking. We are required to meet you on level 2 when you arrive, if you have any difficulty whatsoever, give us a call we can make this incredibly easy for you. We are the pros.

When you come down the escalators to the baggage claim area you will see a professionally dressed chauffeur holding a sign bearing your party name. Once you have retrieved your luggage, he or she will assist you with your luggage one level down to your waiting clean, luxury vehicle for your private transportation to the port. If you party has a member in a stroller or wheelchair, you may elect to use the elevators to get to your baggage carousel and if this is the case, keep in mind that when the doors open, your driver may have his back to you so you may just need to walk/roll on over and look at the sign to confirm it is us! If you have any trouble locating your chauffeur while you are at the airport, don't panic! We are there! You can call 407-470-6008 and we will coordinate so you waste no time making the connection with your driver. You see, we are very experienced with guiding people to the designated areas we must stay in while operating as an authorized ground transportation provider at the Orlando Airport.

What to expect at Port Canaveral

Under normal conditions all cruise lines ships return to their respective docks and terminals by about 6-6:30am. This means the first passengers to begin the disembarkation process can and have come off of the ship as early as about 6:30-7:00am, however this is not common. The fist wave of passengers to clear U.S. Customs / Immigration at all terminals do it between 7-7:30am. The window of time that you can come off of the ship is only about 3.5 hours so the "all-clear" is given and boarding begins by about 11:00 at all terminals. If you have an early flight we can accommodate you. If your flight does not depart until after 12:00pm you are better off scheduling your pickup time from the port at around 9-9:30am. We highly recommend bordering upon insisting that you call us as early in the morning as possible to let us know what time that morning you expect to get in line to begin the disembarkation process. This way if you are scheduled for a late pick up and you find that morning that you will be getting off much earlier than anticipated, you can call us so we can dispatch your private vehicle earlier from Orlando. Communication is key. If you are scheduled for an 8:00am pick-up and upon returning to the port you discover that your group will not be called to begin the process of getting off the ship until 10:00am please call us before 7:00am and let us know you wont be needing your vehicle until later than expected. We will not dispatch a vehicle for an early pick-up and then have the chauffeur wait at the port for 2 hours because you learned that the original time you had scheduled was not going to work and you did not call and let us know that you time needed to change. Likewise, If you are scheduled for a 10:00am pick-up please do not get all the way off the ship at 7:00am and then call and say "hello, were off the ship where's our car?" We will try to call you beginning approximately 1 hour before the time you are scheduled for pick-up. Please turn on your cellular phone (the one that is the cell-phone number on your reservation.) We need to know on the day of your return, as early as possible, what time you will definitively be getting in line to begin the disembarkation process. The cruise lines will tell you that the process can take up to 90 minutes but 99% of the time it is between 15-20 minutes and you get right through and are outside ready to be picked up. We hope the explanation here does not confuse you, your transition from ship to waiting vehicle will be seamless. The way we make it ever so easy is reminding you a few times along the way to turn on your cell phone as soon as you wake in the morning that you return to the port. Don't hesitate to call us as soon as the ship is docked and let us know what time you think you will be getting off. It is simple to coordinate and cooperate to make your luxury vacation transportation fantastic and easy! Just communicate. When you walk through through the crowd of onlookers and see the looks of despair knowing all the while that you made the right choice! Hop in your stylishly clean elegant professional car, van or suv right outside the ship without having to wait more than about 5 minutes after you step outside the doors of your terminal. Even with a family of 14 or more, you will be amazed at the efficiency of our operation. We arrive for you and everyone wishes they could be you. We are not kidding, we put all competitors Port Transportation services to shame.

Why choose Orlando Chauffeured Services

OCS is proud to offer Orlando's best Port Canaveral transportation and cruise terminal transfers. We have a modern fleet of beautiful Town Cars, Luxury Vans and SUV's and deliver seamless private shuttle service at Port Canaveral. When reserving your next car, van, suv or limo, choose OCS, we are the best. Service to Disney World and from Orlando International Airport (MCO) to Disney Dream & Fantasy Cruise Ships, Disney Resorts and Cocoa Beach Hotels. The majority of travelers going to Port Canaveral fly into Orlando Airport (also known as OIA or MCO). MCO is conveniently located in close proximity to Port Canaveral, Cape Canaveral, and all of Central Florida's Attractions.

When comparing Port Canaveral Shuttles, Port Canaveral Limo Service and Our OCS-Team of professionals, rest assured your families needs, safety and comfort are our number one priority. We not only promise you World Class service, we deliver it. We will perform above and beyond all your expectations with mind blowing professionalism with on time, superior clean luxury vehicles. We provide the most experienced chauffeurs and have on site dedicated managers to oversee all transfers are seamless every time. We pride ourselves on providing the absolute best Port Canaveral transportation service to all families at fair prices. We not only squash all competitors performance and vehicles with our superior chauffeurs and immaculate vehicles, we provide competitive rates and incredible service.

When it comes to Port Canaveral shuttle companies, many operators look for ways to cut costs and cram your family in old tired vehicles with no standards. From the moment you place your reservation to the moment you get dropped off to your final destination all you have to do is sit back and relax and know that your family is traveling with Central Florida's most caring company. We are a family owned hospitality oriented, exclusive purveyor of quality and will not sacrifice your families safety to save a couple of dollars by putting cheap brand tires or parts in our elite fleet of late model vehicles. Many companies just look to make the largest profit without spending a dollar to maintain, clean or upgrade their fleet. At OCS Orlando we are concerned with the safety and comfort of your family and want to go above and beyond in overseeing that every detail is not over looked and that your families impression when stepping out of our vehicle is nothing less than spectacular. We provide Central Florida's best travel options and are eager to have one of our professional chauffeurs sweep your family of their feet with a complimentary meet and greet at the Orlando Airport and then assist you with your luggage to one of our elite clean late model luxury vehicles and transport you safely to your long awaited cruise destination. We love to have our pictures taken and welcome the chance to give your family a memory for your lifetime with a professional chauffeur with your families name on a sign and a clean luxury vehicle for your families scrap book collection or photo album. When you share the memories with your family members back home they will be amazed and find it hard to believe you didn't break the bank and you received such service!

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Cruise Terminals


A Side (North) Cruise Terminals
Cruise Terminals 5, 6, 8 and 10 are located on the A (North) side of Port Canaveral, just off the north cargo pier exit onto State Road 401 South.

Carnival Sensation, Norwegian Sun
This two story terminal has an open atrium with lush tropical plants and three waterfalls. There is a glass lounge on the second floor that serves as the reception area for passengers arriving to embark on thier cruise. The lower areas design allows for efficient operations getting passengers off ships easily. Allow us to take the stress of transportation out of your family's cruise vacation by having one of our clean late model vehicles awaiting you just outside your terminal in the active loading zone.

Carnival Ecstasy, Carnival Dream, Carnival Sensation
Cruise Terminal 6 is the newest, state-of-the-art cruise ship facility. This behemoth of a contract to complete this beautiful new terminal and garage allows even the largest ships such as Allure of the Seas and Oasis of the Seas. Even the modern generation of cruise ships can maneuver into the west turning basin and dock at this sleek new building. Awesome views. OCS is your best choice if you are looking to take your vacation to the next level with stress free transfers.

Disney Dream & Disney Fantasy

Exclusively for use by Disney, this terminal was customized to their specifications and renovated in 2010 to be larger. The enhancements included the addition of a covered walkway from the parking area to the entrance which has a cylindrical 90 ft. tall glass tower along with a bunch of other hidden treasures along the way. When getting off your magical vacation a Disney Cruise, allow one of our professionals to keep the magic going all the way to your airlines curbside check-in. Avoid the nightmare of a dirty old bus showing up and placing a blemish on your vacation memories.

Carnival Dream, Royal Caribbean's Freedom of The Seas & Monarch of The Seas
Cruise Terminal 10 is an all-purpose, practical and fully functioning, terminal with added bells and whistles including an automated baggage retrieval systems and 3 level passenger loading areas with escalators and elevators. We pull up along side this cruise terminal to a covered canopy and take you directly to your destination in a method that will make you happy.

B Side (South) Cruise Terminals
Terminals 2, 3 & 4 are individual buildings located on the B (south) side of Port Canaveral at the east end of George King Boulevard.

Victory Casino Cruises
Terminal 2 is exclusively used by Victory Casino Cruises. We offer transportation from any location in Orlando to your Victory Casino Cruise and let you roll up like a high roller. So set up your amazing vehicle to transport you in style and comfort. You are going to be gambling on the Casino Cruise you should not have to gamble with your life in an old beat up shuttle bus with no class.

No information available at this time

Port-of-Call Ships
Terminal 4 is expected to remain dedicated to only port-of-call cruise ships.