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Transportation from Disney World to Port Canaveral FL

Vacationers staying on property at Disney have great on site transportation operations. Catching a bus from your resort or hotel to any of the attractions is a breeze. Getting back to your place at the end of the day can sometimes take a little longer. Overall, if you are staying at any hotel or resort at Disney World, renting a car doesn't make sense. When you arrive at Orlando International Airport, you can catch Disney's free "Magical Express" to your hotel. If you received your yellow luggage tags from Disney and put them on your bags before you checked them in your originating city, you won't even have to claim your luggage! Disney has thought of everything! You can proceed to Level 2 B-Side (Ground Level) where the Disney's Magical Express "Meet & Greet" Center is located. What if you are already at Disney World and you need to get from your hotel to the docks at Port Canaveral? Acquiring quality, reliable transportation from Disney World to Port Canaveral FL is not hard at all. The trip is only 1 hour minutes or from the furthest resort away from the Port, Animal Kingdom Lodge, which is a 60 mile trip

Any family who rides the free buses back to the airport just to pay the $70.00 per passenger round trip (Cruise Lines Rates) from there is simply paying too much! You can get transfers from any Disney resort to the cruise terminals at Port Canaveral and return to the airport for ten people for $420 TOTAL, Including Gratuity! That's only $42 per person for non shared-ride, door to door, comfortable transportation. No waiting, no lines, half the transfer time, 30% savings, what more can you ask for? Every savvy traveler knows that when you can get something so much better for so much less your experience and knowledge are confirmed and you can use the huge savings on your family's entertainment or souvenirs from your ultimate cruise vacation. If you need transportation from Disney World to Port Canaveral FL, consider a private ground transportation company licensed and permitted by The City of Orlando (Disney World is not in the City limits of Orlando, FL - commercial ground transportation services are not regulated by Orange County, beware!) and also permitted by the Port Authority to provide your transfers. There are many companies that are authorized as vehicles for hire however the quality and reliability of these companies ranges from top-notch with perfect execution and rates, to the absolutely most horrible people to deal with, they might charge 20.00 per person round trip for "shuttle" . These companies on the low end of the spectrum when it comes to quality of service as they are trying to stuff as many people into a rickety old shuttle bus as possible, get you there as quickly as possible, dump you off and load again, stuffy, cramped who knows what you might smell!

We do not take this lightly, cleanliness is next to godliness. Your comfort is important. We want you to enjoy your experience here. You might only be passing through Orlando on your way to and from your cruise but the fantastic people in this area of our great country owe the longevity of our economy to vacationers just like you! Central Florida obviously largely dependent on tourism dollars and quite frankly we welcome the local government's efforts to regulate the commercial passenger vehicle services industry. We want your vacation to go smoothly in it's entirety, from beginning to end. Our clients return home to tell their friends about us whenever they hear someone they care about is going on a cruise from Port Canaveral. This is because we are consistent. We have delivered thousands of happy passengers from Disney to the Port over the last several years and want you to know we are here to help you plan, save, enjoy your vacation to the fullest and making decisions that facilitate happiness! Thank you!

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