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Shuttle Service Orlando to Port Canaveral

If you plan to visit Orlando before you go on your cruise, you can count on our shuttle service from Orlando to Port Canaveral to get you there on your schedule. We pick up at all hotels and resorts as well as private residences and transfer families to Port Canaveral. You may decide to reserve a town car or suv for your transportation if you have one to 7 passengers, or a van that holds families of up to 14. We offer our shuttle service for less than the cost of a metered taxi to the cruise terminals. Inquire about our rates from any location in Central Florida using the form below. We provide child safety and booster seats in all of our vehicles at no additional charge. All vehicles in our fleet are meticulously maintained, ultra clean and are driven by the most professional chauffeurs in all of Orlando!

We are in business to make the lives of families that sail on cruises from Port Canaveral better! We understand that you need assurance that your vehicle and chauffeur arrive on time. We always try to call no less than thirty minutes before your pick-up time to touch base with you before we arrive at your location. If you are arriving at Orlando Airport, we track your flight so when you land and make your way to baggage claim we are already there waiting for you. All transportation services we provide are private, meaning you will not share the ride with anyone else. No unrequested stops along your short journey to Port Canaveral. We offer a free 15 minute grocery stop at no charge (upon advanced request) so you can pick up water, alcohol, or soda. No reasonable request will go unconsidered. OCS is the most reliable company providing shuttle service Orlando to Port Canaveral.

There are many companies that have evolved overnight and realize quickly that there is a market for people trying to save, people who are willing to sacrifice their comfort to save a few bucks. They advertise rates like $25.00 one way or $40.00 round-trip and they may or may not tell you its a shared ride in a fourteen passenger van. This is not only the worst possible way you can arrange for your transfers as their vans are very dirty, they rent U Haul trailers and that would cost you 400.00 for 10 people! This is crazy! The cruise lines charge $70.00 per passenger round-trip and our rate at the time of this writing is only $269.00 round-trip for private shuttle service in a clean luxury van with matching trailers that we own. We are not only a great way to save, we are the most reliable which makes us the only logical choice. When you are on board one of our vehicles coasting along down the highway on your way to dream cruise vacation, you will see these other shuttle services we commonly refer to. You will see them and you will know that you made the right choice. You might see other cruisers on the side of the road being transferred from a broken down shuttle bus into anything they might have available. The entire ordeal would be a nightmare for the claustrophobic.

Most anyone who arrives at any airport in the world wants to immediately get on their way without delay. We haven't met folks yet who like to hang around the airport waiting for no reason. This is why when you are researching the companies that are offering to transport you, it is imperative that you are certain they will be on time so you are not left waiting, wondering or worrying. Every day, at the bottom of every escalator, near baggage claim for every airline, we encounter passengers who have booked with other companies, searching aimlessly for their driver. The fact is, these shuttle companies do not really care that you have arrived and want to get on your way. You will have to operate on their schedule at this point by calling them to let them know you are there and then you get to follow their instructions. With our shuttle service, you receive personalized attention to detail that you cannot find anywhere else. We monitor you flight well in advance so if there is any kind of delay, we know about it when you do. We are always waiting with a smile, professionally dressed, clean, well mannered, knowledgeable and can assist you on transitioning from plane to your private clean luxury sedan, suv, van or limousine with efficiency and grace. We make the entire experience great from beginning to end because you don't want what happens just before or just after your cruise to put any blemishes on what would otherwise be the best vacation ever.

The truth is there are only a handful of companies (3-4) that I would trust with my own family's life yet there are more than 75 companies permitted to operate there. I think stronger regulation and required adherence to safety standards should be introduced. We care about how you are treated when you visit our State. We want you to return here year in and year out. We take your comfort very seriously and we always deliver exactly what we promise.