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Shuttle from Orlando to Port Canaveral

OCS is the finest transportation company serving Port Canaveral. We offer Orlando Airport and Port Canaveral shuttle service. We are dedicated to providing reliable ground transportation such as shuttle and transfer service from Orlando to Port Canaveral. Our shuttle from Orlando to Port Canaveral is pre-arranged for your convenience. If you are a family traveling with tons of luggage let us assist you! Our rates for transfers from Orlando to the cruise terminals and hotels in Cape Canaveral are very competitive. What sets us apart is the cleanliness, professionalism, and promptness of our shuttle service. You deserve to not have to wait in lines, make un-requested stops, and arrive at the port for your cruise expeditiously.

If you are looking for the least expensive way to get from Orlando to Port Canaveral for your cruise, then search no more. Actually we have no competitors, the standards we have set are unattainable by the many shuttle services at the Port and in Cocoa Beach. You see, we dress professionally, we speak English, and we have time management down to a science. We also always have a back up plan in place so you never have to worry about some unforeseen occurrence preventing us from delivering you to your destination on time. Allow us to provide your shuttle from Orlando to Port Canaveral and you too can experience seamless transfers to your cruise and equally important, from your cruise to your waiting vehicle. We know the last thing anyone wants is to be standing around waiting for or wondering where your driver is.