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Port Canaveral Shuttle Service

Getting to Port Canaveral is easy. It is only a 45 minute shuttle ride from Orlando Airport to the cruise terminals. Rather than wait in lines and share the ride with others, you can reserve the highest quality private luxury transportation with us and get there without delay! We know that you will arrive in Orlando excited and ready to board your ship and the last thing you want is to wait around for the company responsible for your transfers. We arrive at the airport the moment your flight lands and will meet you at baggage claim to make the experience worry free for you. If you are staying at any of Orlando Airport area hotels, we will pick you up at the time you choose so you can get to Port Canaveral by your definition of efficiency. We operate around your schedule because your family's comfort is priority with us. We offer year round, reliable Port Canaveral shuttle service so you can book with confidence and know we will be there on time, every time.

If you are arriving the day of your cruise you will want to be certain that your flight lands at Orlando Airport at the latest by 2:00pm. It takes 30 minutes to get from the gate and to get your bags. That means you will arrive at Port Canaveral by about 3:15pm. Any later and you might not make your cruise. We track your flight so if there are any delays, we know about it pretty much when you do. We will make sure everyone has a comfortable seat in a private professionally chauffeured town car, SUV, van or limousine for your short journey to the Port. We make stops at stores only if you request in advance and of course, we do not charge for this service. We have set standards for quality with our Port Canaveral shuttle service that no other company providing transportation to cruise can match. We promise to be on time and to transfer you in a clean vehicle. We employ only the most experienced, knowledgeable, professional, English speaking chauffeurs. All of our drivers have more than 10 years experience driving families in and around the Orlando area. Inquire about our Transportation Rates and book your shuttle service to Port Canaveral with us right away! We welcome the opportunity to serve you with style, class and comfort while you visit Orlando and on the way to your Caribbean Cruise!

If your intention is to not "over analyze" the situation because you understand the shuttle should consume less than one hour of your time at the beginning and end of your cruise, pick up the phone and make a reservation now. We are not in business to waste your time. We understand what it means to be on time. Our clients spend the time of their life with their families while out to sea knowing that when their cruise ship returns to the port we will already be there, waiting with a smile, ready to go. OCS is here for those that choose not to share the ride with others, make any unrequested stops, or have the transfer go any other way other than smooth, clean & comfortable and without delay. We are not like the other companies that are out there, we care about you.

The logical thing to do here is to way your options. If you book with a shared ride shuttle service you will most certainly have to carry your luggage to a waiting area in a remote location at the airport and you will get a big surprise when your big dirty, rickety old van pulling a uhaul with strangers you will get to squeeze snugly in next to for the next forty-five minutes. Or, you can make the right decision for your family and ride privately in a newer, cleaner more professionally operated company's luxury vehicle for often less than what the shared ride charges! Forgive me for ranting but it is a fact that there are many companies that are only concerned with money. We are ashamed that they are permitted to operate here. Don't get left stranded, book with the pros. We did not begin this shuttle service just recently and it seems like there is another fly-by-night company popping up every other weekend trying to re-invent the wheel. It is simple, we are professional, they are not.

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