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Port Canaveral Pick-Up and Drop Off Fees Included in Our Rates

It has been nearly 2 months since we were handed the following letter from the traffic control at Port Canaveral. What this means is that Port Canaveral can expect to make over $1000.00 per year from each of our vehicles entering the cruise terminal areas to pick up or drop off. They are knowingly and without hesitation making it an 2 option scenario, either you pay for the privilege of being picked up and or dropped off, or pay 3-day, $60; 4-day, $75; 5-day, $90, and 7-day, $120 to park your car there. We include this fee in our rates so you won't get any surprises after you've reserved our services. We take care of everything.

Commercial Operations Information

Effective November 15, 2011, the commercial Billing or Pay on Entry billing system will be implemented at Port Canaveral for all commercial ground transportation picking up and dropping off at the cruise terminals.

New Commercial Entry Lane: Effective Nov 15th All Commercial Passenger Vehicles must enter from the traffic signal at SR 401 and Charles M. Rowland Drive. Signage will be posted to help guide drivers to the correct destination.

Prepaid Trip Fee Tickets will be available for purchase at the Badge Office or in the staging lot. Prepaid purchases can be made with Visa, MasterCard, checks, or money orders. Exact payment is needed. No change will be provided. Pay lanes will accept cash, Visa, MasterCard or Prepaid Trip Ticket.

Trip Fees Commercial Vehicles will be assessed a trip fee with every entry to the Cruise Terminals at Port Canaveral. Rates are per vehicle and may be paid with cash, Visa, MasterCard or Prepaid Trip Tickets. A hand tag will be issued to a company driver (upon request) when he/she pays for entry at either the North or South Side Booths, and has an additional pick up at the same time on the opposite side of the Port. The hang tag will be valid for one pass on the opposite side of the Port, and will only be vaid for 90 minutes from time of initial purchase.

Taxi (up to 5 Passengers) - $2.50
Limousine (Town Car's, Limo's and SUV's) - Up to 9 Passengers $3.00
Van - Up to 15 Passengers $5.00
Any Vehicle 16 to 28 Passengers $10.00
Any Vehicle 29 to 44 Passengers $12.00
Any Vehicle 45 or more Passengers $15.00

Annual Decal - Companies providing Commercial Passenger Pick-ups must obtain a new Annual Decal by January 1,2012. Annual Decals, which replaces the old Vehicle Permits, will be valid for (1) calendar year from January through December, The new decals will be available by December 1, 2011. The fees for these decals will be based on the number of vehicles in a company's fleet. They may be purchased at the Port Canaveral Badge Office (321) 783-7831, ext 472.

Annual Decal Requirements - Proof of insurance and registration will be required to obtain the Annual Decal. Company owners can pay in advance for the fleet. However, VIN numbers of each vehicle in the fleet will be required. Each company owner or designee will be allowed to pick up the decal(s) from the Badge Office upon submission of the required documents to Port Canaveral.

Online Interactive Application - An interactive application for Commercial Vehicles or Fleets will be available online in pdf Format by November 15, 2011. The application should be completed by the company owner and all vehicles within the company should be listed. Companies or vehicles which fail to purchase the Annual Decal prior to Jan 1, 2012 will be restricted from performing pick-ups at the cruise terminals in Port Canaveral.

Companies with or without a valid Port Canaveral Vehicle Decal which attempt to bypass the Commercial Pay on Entry lanes will receive:

  1. Warning, plus a stiff fine
  2. Failure to reconcile the fine or administrative fee will result in the issuance of a Trespass Order, for a duration to be determined by the Assistant Director of Operations.