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Transportation from Orlando to Port Canaveral

If you are in Orlando and you plan to go on a cruise, there are many transportation options for getting your family from anywhere here in Orlando to the terminals in Port Canaveral. Many people opt to arrive in the area days, even a week or more before and sometimes after their cruises. You might have plans to visit one of Orlando's many popular attractions for a few days or more and we can accommodate your party whatever the case. If you are in need of a pick-up at any hotel or resort near Universal, Sea World, Disney World, Kissimmee, or Lake Buena Vista, we only charge half of the normal transfer rate between your origin and the Orlando Airport going to Port Canaveral, and you can get a discounted transfer to your hotel when you first arrive if you plan to visit the area before your cruise. This is commonly referred to as a land, sea and air transfer package.

Orlando is the vacation capital of the planet and there are a few common scenarios that vacationers seem to arrange week in and week out. We have many cruisers that have been in the area for a while and have rented a car from Orlando Airport, and need to return it there the day of their cruise. We can make the remaining 45 miles seem like an added bonus to your travels because not only can we coordinate with you to meet your party at the rental car return (onsite and offsite), we will assist you in getting your luggage into your waiting vehicle. Keep in mind, our vehicles are immaculate, clean and stylish so it will be relaxing and actually, rewarding to have a professional exhibit their experience getting you to Port Canaveral.

We know exactly what is necessary to provide personal, professional transportation service that caters to your families vacation plans. You see, we are in business to take care of you. We have the means to save you money, provide world class service, and transport you from Orlando to Port Canaveral in a clean, safe, comfortable, luxury vehicle. There are many companies offering transportation from Orlando to Port Canaveral, a great deal of them advertising rates as low as $19.75 to the Port. Beware! These companies are most likely to operate rickety old airport buses with used tires and an atrocious smell. Or, you might find your family of four crammed into a minivan with two other passengers and 6 large suitcases. The term shuttle is so loosely used in the industry that if you are not informed of what is available, you might get taken for a nightmare of a ride. The bottom line is we know a lot of planning, time and money goes towards your families vacation being the best it can be. We want to be a part of what brings this all together. There are no other companies as dedicated to making you happy as we are. Getting from Orlando to Port Canaveral should be stress-free and relaxing. To ensure this is the case, you need a professional company that is reliable, safe, clean and comfortable. Our rates are competitive and our clients always leave feeling thoroughly satisfied with the service we offer at the rates we set. We strive to keep our prices as low as possible and still provide a level of quality in the service we deliver that is unmatched here in Orlando.

Orlando transportation to Port Canaveral

Below are a few of the most common transfers we provide:
  • Disney World to Port Canaveral
  • Universal Studios Orlando to Port Canaveral
  • Sea World to Port Canaveral
  • Kissimmee to Port Canaveral
  • Downtown Orlando Amtrak to Port Canaveral

The type of vehicle you choose should be one large enough to fit your family comfortably and one that has adequate space for your luggage as well. For parties of 3 or a small family of 4 can ride privately in a chauffeur driven town car from anywhere in Orlando to your cruise. Four to seven passengers can ride in either a large SUV or an eleven passenger van without worrying about room for luggage. For larger groups, we recommend our extra large van service that includes a trailer for your families luggage. We are in this industry to provide excellent comfort and quality to all the people we serve here each year. We challenge any company that thinks they can to match the level of attention to detail, promptness and reliability, cleanliness and professionalism. They can't. OCS is the best!

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