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Comparing a shared ride shuttle to a private shuttle

The cruise line shuttle price is $70 per person for the round-trip. The cruise line company uses big motor coach buses that accommodate up to 55 passengers and their luggage. All cruise line agencies have representatives with professional printed manifest at baggage claims at Orlando Airport. Then you are required to travel by your self from representative to representative until you are fully checked in and finally seated on the motor coach. You will also have to wait until all passengers on the manifest for the particular motor coach you are going to be traveling are on board and that the motor coach is filled to capacity. The total process time from arrival at Orlando Airport on your flight until you are actually ready to depart the airport and on your way to your long awaited cruise vacation will take up to 3 hours. Once the Motor coach departs the Orlando Airport it takes 1 hour travel time to get to your cruise ship at Port Canaveral. On the return trip from your cruise ship the cruise lines motor coach will be awaiting you at a designated loading zone and it can take up to 3 hours until the motor coach is loaded and ready to begin the return journey from your cruise ship to the Orlando Airport. By the time you calculate the time taken up by your shared ride shuttle transfers from the Orlando Airport to Port Canaveral and back you have lost 8 hours of your vacation. If your time is only worth the current equivalent of minimum wage at $7.80 per hour, you would have lost $62.40 per person! A couple of 2 paying $70.00 per passenger ($70.00x2= $140.00) + $62.40 per person of lost wage money ($62.40x2=$124.80) Means that even though it may seem that a shared ride shuttle will be saving you money in all actual truth it is costing you money. The total cost of shared ride shuttle of $140.00+$124.80=$264.80. That does not include any gratuity for the bus driver and you will be in a vehicle with many other passengers that could have loud kids or even be sick passengers on board.

The Other Shared Ride Shuttle Services

The shared ride shuttle services such as those provided by Travel Orlando Transportation claims "it's only" $40.00 per person for the round trip. What they neglect to tell you is that they automatically mandate a 20% gratuity per passengers that is not given to the shuttle driver which brings your shared ride shuttle rate to $48.00 per person. This company also charges you a sales tax of 6.5% that they pocket as there is no sales tax in transportation. So you are actually paying for a party of 2 $51.12x2= $102.24. When you take in to calculation the time that you also waste on the shared ride shuttle trip of 8 hours of lost wages of $124.80 it means that you will be paying $102.24+$124.80= $227.04. This service provider does not have representatives awaiting you at the Orlando Airport and does not have a professional manifest (their manifest is hand written). They also make you run around the Orlando Airport on your own and look for whatever vehicle they decide to put you in. They only operate older vehicles that have been from the hand of company to company and have been retired by many different companies. They do not care about your families safety or have no concern for you. They only care about collecting your money and shoving as many passengers as they can per vehicle. Many times these old vehicles end up having problems on the side of the road meaning you will be left stranded until they can get another vehicle to you. Don't get tricked into booking 10 passengers at this rate it will not save you a dime.

Private Shuttle Service

Most reputable private shuttle service providers price range from $190 to $220 for a vehicle up to 4 passengers. Any private shuttle service provider will provide you a complimentary meet and greet service at your airlines baggage claim, assist you with your luggage to a clean late model vehicle awaiting you just below your baggage claim carousel and can get you to your cruise line terminal within 1 hour and 1/2 from the time of your flight touching down, getting your luggage (takes about 45 minutes from the time the flight touches down) which means a 45 minute ride from the moment you enter your vehicle until you reach your cruise destination.

At OCS we believe we exist because of you. Our business is here to provide you clean, safe, reliable service and to save you time and money. We offer competitive rates for cleaner late model vehicles with professional chauffeurs. Our philosophy is a simple one that is very easy to understand. We get it. Reliability is the most important factor when providing a ground transportation service. Your vehicle must arrive on time, every time to get the job done correctly. When your OCS vehicle arrives it will always be a safe vehicle with all of the protection and restraint devices in working order as well as an overall mechanically sound car, SUV, van or limousine. We insist on only top of the line Michelin tires, OEM Manufacturer brakes and we thoroughly inspect our fleet each and every day. Our fleet is maintained meticulously by highly trained (and highly paid) experts to ensure your enjoyment of safety and comfort upon your journeys with us.
There are only a handful of companies that can deliver on the promise to provide "Luxury" transportation between Orlando and Port Canaveral. There are multitudes of companies that have pictures of vehicles they do not even own, and they will tell you whatever they think you want to hear. This way they can get your payment and then they sub-contract you out to whoever! They'll find a company that is so desperate they will take your information just to make twenty bucks profit. Unfortunate for those duped into booking with these losers they might get passed along the roadside broken down in one hundred degree heat. Reasonable rates for exceptional service. On time. Every time. Great service for great people. Your family deserves it.

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Luxury Sedan, Passenger Vans, and Escalade SUV

Welcome to the best airport shuttle transportation to, MCO, Orlando International Airport, Disney World Resorts, Universal and Sea World. We guarantee your family the best service at very competitive pricing. We are Central Florida's most reliable limousine service with a 5 star reputation across all review agencies. We stand behind our services and take your families needs seriously. We are in business to set standards that our competitors just can not compare. We are the best when it comes to clean, safe and reliable services in Florida.

There are many shared van and shared sedan operators with no standards or concerns about the experience of their guests. We provide only private sedan and private luxury van services for all our guests and we assure you seamless service every time. Orlando Chauffeured services is commercially licensed and insured to assure we are always operating legally. There are low cost shuttle operators that use 1 permitted vehicle to transport passengers out of locations that require licenses to a parking lot close by where they stage unlicensed vehicles to transport the clients the 1 hour journey. That means you are in a licensed vehicle for 5 minutes and an unlicensed vehicle for 1 hour.

We operate to/from all airports with seamless performance every time.
With: "e; The Airport Shuttle"e; Pick-up time is never accurate for the shared ride service providers. They reserve the right to pick you up at their discretion with no concern to your experience. The share ride service is available throughout our service area. But the difference between their service and ours is that you are the boss with us and with them you are nothing but a number. They do not care about you and your family. Use one of our private vans for your large family and save money.

A direct ride is much more comfortable and convenient when you arrive at our local airports and are ready to go to your vacation destination. We monitor flights on the most sophisticated flight tracking software and meet all our guests at their airline baggage claim with their name on a sign. Complimentary "meet and greet" is standard with all our vehicles. Find, Compare, & Book today your clean and effective transportation services. We provide a shared ride airport shuttle service alternative at rates that are very competitive. Our private van service or sedan service to MCO.

Schedule & Shuttle Service Rates vary by all the different operators. Airport Shuttle service is never a good option unless you are traveling alone and do not mind being moved around from vehicle to vehicle.