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Lucky Carnival Dream passengers arriving at MCO to get home a day early!

Carnival Dream left Port Canaveral March 9th to repeat it's Eastern Caribbean itinerary for the seemingly "millionth" time. Passengers had already been out five of the the seven days planned when unbeknownst to 4,363 fun-seeking cruisers on board, their vacations would to come to an abrupt end in St. Maarten.

Power failures caused toilets to back up in common areas making for a smelly day at Port. Elevators were not working which makes people who are stuffed from the buffet and cannot make it up the stairs would have had to sleep in the common areas with unsanitary conditions. This had to come to an end! Carnival decided to take the compensatory route and made the trip memorable in other ways! A Full Refund, Free non-refundable transportation reimbursement, Free flights home, and a discounts for a future cruise!

Carnival apologized by saying: "We are very sorry for this disruption to our guests' vacation plans and extend our sincere apologies. We look forward to welcoming them back on another Carnival cruise..."
Carnival also said passengers on the sailing "will receive a refund equivalent to three days of the voyage and 50% off a future cruise." Those on the March 16 cruise get a full refund and 25% off a future seven-day cruise. Non-refundable transportation will be reimbursed."

The first wave of passengers arriving on a chartered Delta flight are arriving at MCO (Orlando International Airport) to board flights home today, Friday, a day early! many passengers that Carnival has arranged to transport by Land and Air to wherever they were originally intending to go tomorrow, Saturday when the cruise ship was supposed to return. What about the passengers who had plans to return and time at Disney? Will Carnival pay for a hotel room at the current rack rate at a comparable property for passengers who had extended plans for their vacations down here. Many passengers will need to return to Port Canaveral from the airport in order to retrieve their vehicles that have been parked at the terminals as well as local off-site parking facilities cruise passengers will utilize to save a few bucks.

We hope your luck continues and that Carnival does everything it can to make your vacation one filled with only fond memories of fun spending time with your families. We always try to bridge the gap between the airport and the cruises as well as all area attractions, we want your vacation to be enjoyable from the very beginning when you first arrive, until the very last day as you depart at our airport. This is what makes Orlando such a positive place to vacation with your family. We depend on the cruise-lines to do their part and so far, they do. 99% of the time.....

Carnival Dream stranded in St. Maarten
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