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How to get from Orlando Airport to Port Canaveral

Going on a cruise from Port Canaveral? Are you wondering how to get from Orlando Airport to Port Canaveral? There are many methods of transportation from anywhere in the world that will get you to the Orlando area. Most people fly here from abroad, and arrive at Orlando International Airport. Some have arranged to get rental cars, some have paid $70.00 per person to ride the cruise line provided motor-coach shuttle services and some elect to take their chances with a taxi from Orlando to Port Canaveral. There are ways to ensure your experience is pleasant and there are some things you should know before you decide what mode of transportation you will use to get from Orlando to Port Canaveral.

First, let us start by saying that getting a rental car from Orlando Airport to Port Canaveral is not your best option. By the time you could sit down in your rental car and turn on the ignition, you could already be there. Remember even if you can get a car for $50.00, you must pay tolls, and refuel before returning to avoid a re-fueling surcharge from your rental car agency at the Port. Then you will have to ride a shuttle from the car return to the cruise terminals. This means you will have spent a great deal more time and energy getting yourself from Orlando to your cruise. We can get you from the airport to the port in less than one hour. You won't have to wait in lines. After all, it's your vacation save money and get there the easy way.

Second, the cruise line provided motor-coach shuttle cannot guarantee you will make a flight before noon, We can. The cruise lines "included" rates for transfers is $70.00 per passenger. We offer private service for up to 10 passengers for only $280 round-trip as of the date of this posting. Do the math! That's a savings of $380.00! No other transportation service can guarantee you private timely service catering to you personally like we can. Frankly, no other company is equipped. Shared ride shuttle services also have the option to stop along the way delaying your arrival. With us you won't stop along the way to pick up other passengers (unless they are your people). We will stop for you if you request in advance to pick up a few last minute items at no additional charge.

If you decide to take your chances with a taxi it truly is a gamble. The rates for a taxi from Orlando Airport to the cruise terminals is on average $2.50 per mile. It is approximately 45 miles from the airport to the terminals. That means the average taxi fare from the airport to the port's cruise terminals is about $112.50. Most of the taxi drivers working for the large companies that serve the Orlando Airport are not experienced with picking up and dropping off passengers at Port Canaveral. They do not know exactly where the porters that handle your checked baggage are located and which terminal your cruise ship docks at. This can cause for a few wrong turns when trying to get to the specific location at the port that you need to be dropped off at.

Now for the best answer to this often asked question "How to get from Orlando Airport to Port Canaveral"? Pre-arranging a vehicle for hire company with a reputation for reliability and an impeccable safety record along with clean, newer luxury vehicle s driven by experienced chauffeurs is the best way to get to your cruise period. If you know that you can save over any other mode of transporting yourself by finding the right company and booking your transfers in advance. We invite you to experience efficient, timely, comfortable transportation from any origin to the destination you have chosen. Whether it's Carnival, Disney, Royal Caribbean or Norwegian, we have your seamless transportation covered.

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